• Remember the Alamo.
  • Remember the Alamo 14.01.2011

    The Alamo in San Antonio Texas.
    Knowing the tale of the Alamo is a requirement for every true blue Texan. More than a tourist attraction in San Antonio, the Alamo is considered as one the State’s most important and revered landmarks. It is a structure that was instrumental in changing the course of history for the Lone Star State.

    The Alamo was originally the Mission San Antonio de Valero which was established by Catholic missionaries in 1724. It was home to missionaries, monks and Indians who converted to Catholicism. It was abandoned after almost 70 years of use and since then became a crude and makeshift military barracks and fortress with its crumbling walls and chapels.

    But San Antonio and the Alamo has forever secured its place in history by serving as the turning point of the Texas Revolution. In March 6, 1836, some 200 Texians took refuge in the Alamo as they bravely fought 5,000 Mexican troops. Though horribly outnumbered, the Texians literally fought to their death for 13 days – first with guns and later with their hands when they ran out of ammunition – buying just enough time for Texian army supreme commander, General Sam Houston to organize his forces and plan an attack. The enemy was defeated the month after and Texas at last gained its independence.

    In the annals of history, The Alamo is a symbol for triumph against seemingly insurmountable odds. The names of the brave men who laid their lives down for freedom are etched in stone as an example of courage for future generations.

  • Lone Star State 23.04.2010

    A fine selection of seasonal flowers.A nursery is defined as a place where most plants are grown to the usable size. Plant nurseries include retail nurseries selling plants to the public, wholesale nurseries selling to businesses such as other nurseries and to commercial gardeners, and the private nurseries supplying the needs of private estates.

    In Dallas, TX, there are nurseries specializing in one phase of the process. It can be propagation, growing out, or retail sale. Specialization can also be in certain type of plants.

    A typical Dallas TX plant nursery grows plants in a greenhouse that is intended to protect young plants from cruel weather and at the same time allows access to light and ventilation. Nowadays in modern greenhouses, automated control of temperature, ventilation and light and semi-automated watering and feeding are available.

    Almost all the nurseries that exist require intensive labor even If automatic processes are available. Caring for the plants needs critical observation, judgment and manual dexterity. If engaging in a business, options for sale needs comparison and judgment. Computer controlled warehousing system reduces the intensive work as plants are being palletized, placed to a location and grown there with little human involvement. Picking of the best plants is merely the choosing of a batch and manual quality control.

    For Dallas plant nurseries, business is affected by the season; and the nursery is booming in the spring and autumn.

  • Lone Star State 12.08.2011

    If you are planning to take your vacation in Texas make sure you put a visit to Lake Texoma in your itinerary. Even if you are not a fishing enthusiast, a trip to the Lake can be most relaxing because there are just so many fun activities that you can do. You can drink in the wonderful woodland scenery, have quiet little picnics by the lake or just jump into it for a swim. If you want to go further and explore the lake, then hire reputable Lake Texoma Fishing Guides.

    Not only will they give you a guided tour of Lake Texoma, they can even teach you how to fish! Maybe it’s time you learned a new sport or hobby and fishing is more challenging than you think. These Lake Texoma fishing guides are expert fishermen who even have their training with the Coast Guard and the local government. Some of them are seasoned professionals.

    You can look up the guides on the internet and you’ll be surprised to know that there are several firms that offer this service. Look into their credentials. You can tell with their experiences in their fishing expeditions and tell from the level of their skills how professional they can be. You can also ask around for a good recommendation for a fishing guide if you want to seriously take up fishing.

  • Lone Star State 23.04.2010

    Being a mother is the best thing that happened to me, and I cherish every moment that I spend with my daughter. However, I am also a working mother which makes things a little bit difficult. I have to leave my baby at home and her grandmother ended up taking care of her. My mother is also doing household chores so she cannot watch over the baby every minute. That’s why I decided to buy baby swings for my baby.

    Baby swings are a mom’s best friend because you cannot watch your baby if you are taking a bath, cooking, or doing other household chores. The baby swing is not just a rocker which swings your baby back and forth. It has add-ons such as baby toys, music, and even vibrating motions. These stuff keeps the baby entertained while you are busy doing something. The vibrating motion soothes the baby and sometimes aids in helping him take a nap.

    Being a mother is both a wonderful and full of hard work. Make things a little bit easier by buying a baby swing. With this, you won’t have to worry even if you have to leave your baby for a while and you are assured that she will fall asleep in no time.

  • Lone Star State 23.04.2010

    Do you want to save money in building your own outside brick fireplace? Then follow these easy and simple steps to create your own outdoor brick fireplace.

    •You should think of a suitable place in your front yard. It is better to clean it totally from plants and debris.
    •The front of the fireplace must be positioned at exactly opposite of the wind direction and never place it under an electric pole and tree.
    •Excavate an area of approximately 4″ x 4″. Line up 6 inches wooden forms for covering all the sides of the excavated area.
    •Using the cement (3 cm thickness), fill the hole. Allow 2 – 3 days for the cement to dry completely. And now you have the base!
    •Provide a slope from the back of the fireplace going to the front side.
    •Using a wooden frame made from three 2 x 4 wooden forms, fasten them with each other through a nail gun.
    •Place the bricks on the outdoor fireplace mantel.
    •Use mortar to fix the bricks.
    •Cut plywood that will suit the firebox and then close the base of the frame with two frames having 2×4 sizes.
    •Position the bricks at the foot of the fireplace without any trench mortar.
    •By tracing layout outside the bricks, you can fill the inside of the tracing with mortar after the removal of the bricks.
    •Position again the bricks in the mortar, starting from the corner, then up the walls of your desired height.
    •A ½ inch mortar is necessary to fill each layer of the bricks and remaining blank spaces.
    •A stainless steel is used to cover the fireplace.
    •Another mortar will be used to cover the steel sheet, then place bricks and tap them. The fireplace can be used after the mortar dries completely.

  • Lone Star State 23.04.2010

    I use a lot of toiletries when I use the bathroom. I have shampoo, liquid body wash, body bar, body scrub, feminine wash, facial wash, facial scrub, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, mudpack, moisturizer, sunblock, lotion, day and night cream and many others! When we didn’t have our own house yet and all of my toiletries are in our toilet then, seeing all of those beauty products drove my husband nuts. He didn’t see the need in using all of these stuff, and he hated messes.

    I let him try some of my beauty products and he loved it, but he still hate messes and that’s why he started thinking of appropriate bathroom storage ideas for all my toiletries as well as for our other bathroom stuff such as towels, tissues, and many others. He searched the internet and consulted interior decorators.

    We ended up buying wicker baskets for our towels and a shelf for our toiletries. The shelf matches the color scheme of our bathroom as well as the lighting. We also installed a bin for our dirty clothes. It’s a good thing that we decided to redecorate our bathroom and install bathroom storage solutions. Our toilet became more stylish and at the same time, functional and more organized.

  • Remember the Alamo 23.04.2010

    Using tiles in your bathroom will not only make it look more attractive but also makes it look a lot cleaner and more inviting. For one, bathroom tiles are resistant to mold and mildew so they are easy to clean with just a slightly wet mop and a good scrubbing with a wet cloth dipped in bathroom cleansers. Bathroom tiles are also very elegant, easy to maintain and are quite affordable.

    If it’s your first time to change bathroom tiles and can’t decide on which kind or type to choose, don’t get intimidated. It may be a challenging thing to do but the experience can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling once you see the final outcome. The rule of thumb you must remember is that for bathroom floors you should stay away from the glossy tiles. They may look really pretty but it could get very slippery once it gets wet. Safety should always come first since shiny and glossy tiles may cause accidental slips and falls in the bathroom. These kind of tiles are more appropriate to put on the bathroom walls and near the sink. If you are to choose colors for the tile for the bathroom choose the brighter hues so that interiors appear bigger and wider.

  • Lone Star State 23.04.2010

    When I was still living at home, my being scatter-brained drives my mom crazy. She always complains that every time I come home, my room and the entire house becomes messy. That’s why she always end up cleaning my room. When I left home for college, I lived with my high school classmates in an apartment. I shared a room with my friend and I somehow became concerned about the cleanliness of our room. I didn’t want to be labeled as a messy person. That’s why I decided to buy storage containers for my stuff.

    The only problem is, what type of storage drawer should I buy? Our room is not that big, and I shared it with a friend. I want our room to be spacious and not filled with unnecessary stuff. That’s why I decided to go for underbed storage drawers. It’s an excellent space saver since it is under the bed, and I could put all sorts of things in the drawers. All my shoes are on the underbed shelf, while my books, some personal stuff, and other things are stored in the drawers. My roommate was inspired by what I did and she bought one for herself also.

  • Remember the Alamo 14.01.2011

    If you’re tired of venetian blinds and roman shades because they look drab and generic, you could always revert to using curtains and window valances for your windows. Sometimes, using window treatments is the simplest way to create a different look and feel in the living room or bedroom.

    There are different designs and styles of window treatments. Valances, for example, are hung swag style while others require the full use of the curtain rod. Remember that the higher you hang your window valance the larger your window will appear. There will be less material filtering your window which makes more light and air to enter the room. If you are not particular about your home privacy, window valances will allow you more viewing pleasure from your windows.

    To get some fresh and really creative window treatment ideas for home and offices, you can pore over home and living magazines. You can also check out interior decorating websites to know which designs and prints are considered the hot picks for the season. You can also search online for fabric and cloth suppliers.

    Moreover, there are some companies that can make window treatments customized to your liking. The length and height of the curtain material can be adjusted to your preference. You can create the design and choose the fabric and material of the curtain that you want.